Network Security

Focus on your business. We’ll focus on protecting it!

80% of businesses acknowledged they experienced some sort of cyberattack. Falling victim to one of these attacks is no longer a question of “if” but “when”. As your MSP we identify all the devices that make up your network, as well as the operating systems they use. After which, we review your security policies, procedures, and the technologies that are a part of your IT environment. Our experts run regular updates, identify risks, and put preventative measures in place as part of the business continuity plan.

Managed Firewall

The firewall is the gatekeeper to your network. As your MSP, we provide a world class business firewall solution which monitors, detects, and isolates any threat that enters. Our experts have the knowledge to put in place rules, management policies, and configuration to ensure your business stays secure and compliant. We take security seriously, which is why our system analysts are trained to evaluate policies for remote access and check to see if the firewall is up to date with the latest patches. Your network security is a top priority at Z3 Networks.

Endpoint Protection

Protecting employee devices is as important as protecting the network. All devices are connected through the network; hence, any threats found on an individual device has the possibility of spreading throughout the network. Fact, 70 percent of businesses infected with ransomware have paid the ransom to get their data back. How do we prevent this? Z3 Networks partners with some of the best endpoint protection security software companies. We pair our endpoint protection and firewall to provide the world’s best cybersecurity system. On top of that, we offer training to educate businesses on best practices to avoid being attacked.

Password Management

How many users have used the same password for more than one website? How many users have forgotten a password? We can all admit to either one or the other. We live in a world where we create accounts regularly and having to remember our username and passwords have become a difficult task. Using the same passwords over and over again poses a great security risk, especially with many applications moving to the cloud. Password Management is the solution.

Advantages of Password Management Tool

  • Only have to remember ‘One’ master password
  • All your login information is stored in one place
  • Automatic login to websites
  • Account is encrypted
Z3 Networks offer full management of your security network. For more information about security network solutions and how it can protect your business, call Z3 Networks today.